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The Psychology of Start Up Success

The Psychology of Start Up Success is a subject massively neglected by most would be entrepreneurs.

Of all the factors that predict start up success such as: understanding the market, understanding customers, understanding how to market cost effectively to that specific market, cash flow management… the one that, it seems to me, most would be entrepreneurs miss, is the management of their own psychology.

In fact, as with the ancient story of the gods deciding where to hide the secret of happiness (in the last place humans would look), it seems that the one factor that most failed entrepreneurs have not addressed, and do not consider, is their own psychology.

Of all the entrepreneurs I have had the honour of coaching over the decades, every single one has thrived AFTER they understood that their own psychology is strongest source of their success.


The Psychology of Start Up Success is

THE main factor in your entrepreneurial success.


Most entrepreneurs can point to their own list of “not to plan” experiences, and the lesson(s) that they learned from each set back. Contrast that with those who don’t make it, and they have a long list of circumstances, systems, organisations and people to blame for their lack of success.

What will be your future? Will you do what it takes to make your own psychology your greatest asset, or will you do as most do, and dismiss your psychology as a success factor?

This will not surprise any successful person, but is rejected by most others: the extent to which you see your own psychology as your greatest asset is the extent to which you will be successful. That also means that the degree to which you dismiss psychology as the key success factor is the extent to which you under realise your potential.


The cliche, it is all in the mind, has become a cliche for good reasons: it is true!

If you want to learn more, you can read this article: https://www.techworld.com/careers/psychology-of-startup-success-how-create-entrepreneurial-mindset-3661873/


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