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“Prof Mac’s Motivational Moments”

YOUR CHOICE! Yes, yours!

Reality check: “the life we have is the life we chose.”

Many people rail against that truism; they claim it is a falsity.

Let’s explore it.

Who controls what you think? Obviously (?) it is your spouse, your religious leader, your mail delivery person, your gardener!


More seriously, it is you.

Who controls the decisions you make? Ah, that must be the PM or your MP.


It is you.

Who controls how you behave? That one is easy; your parents!


Never was, even when you were a child. You control your behaviour.

Who controls which behaviours you chose to repeat over and over again until they became a habit? The leader of the opposition?


Yes, you again. If you chose your habits, you sewed a character, and if you sewed a character you created your destiny; your life as it is now.

Yuk! Perhaps that is a bitter pill to swallow if your life is not as tasty as you’d like.

Here is the aftertaste, for all of us, until we accept that our life is the way we chose to make it, we can never take the steps to choose to make it better.

Take ownership. It is YOUR life and the only person who can choose to make it the way you want, is YOU!


Motivational Moments, Copyright 2018, Nigel MacLennan, www.psyperform.com