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“Prof Mac’s Motivational Moments”

Get Constructively Uncomfortable

There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.

“Comfortitus” is the disease that quickly emerges after the atrophy of the ambition muscle. Symptoms include thoughts that intensify the disease; thoughts like:

“I don’t have to.” “It’s not worth it.” “I’d rather just chill.”

You might have noticed that the behavioural and temperature differences between “chilling” and being a corpse are rather small.

Less flippantly, more serious symptoms include the atrophy of the brain. Yes, seriously.

People who keep striving and learning are nearly three times less likely to develop dementia. Yes, you read correctly: nearly three times!

Is there enough evidence yet to say that “comfortitus” causes dementia? No. There is enough evidence to say that frequently being in the growth zone dramatically reduces the chances of your brain wasting away.

How can you use that knowledge to your benefit?

Choose a challenge, a big meaty challenge; one that stretches you to, and beyond, the point of discomfort, on an ongoing basis.

When you achieve that goal, when you overcome that challenge, when the uncomfortable becomes first comfortable, and then easy, choose another challenge, and then another… for life.

We all have a choice: we can hope that our problems go away; not going to happen!

Or, we can grow in capability to the point that what we once saw as problems, now merely trigger us to implement well-rehearsed and easy means of managing inconveniences.

Caution, caution!

Crave not for a problem-free life, for that is wishing for a growth-free life.

Instead, commit to developing new skills to handle the inevitable emergence of new problems. Growth means the ability to handle bigger and bigger problems.

“Comfortitus” might not cause death directly; it does causes the death of your growth, and without growth your potential becomes stone-dead “chilled.” If you want to thrive a different temperature is required.

Go on, get warm, get hot; get constructively uncomfortable.

Motivational Moments, Copyright 2018, Nigel MacLennan, www.psyperform.com