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“Prof Mac’s Motivational Moments”

Not to plan experiences

Is planning for “not to plan experiences” enough?

Everything you set out to achieve is going to happen.

Ho, hum! Not in this reality.

Big dreams are going to be crushed, others you will choose to let go, still others you realise were just that, dreams.

Every high achiever faces the reality of not achieving all of their goals, with a positive outlook.

“What?” you might say, “Who in their right mind sees disappointment as positive?”

People who REALLY are in their right mind. They go from one failure to the next without any loss of enthusiasm (paraphrased from an (?) all time low achiever: Winston Churchill).

If you are going to be a high achiever you must, absolutely must, be prepared for “not to plan experiences” (NTPE). They are going to happen, often!

Your choice is this: how you handle them.

Are you going to let them finish you? Or, are you going to let them demotivate you for months before you get your mojo back? Or, are you going to have a plan?  

If you ARE in your right mind you will plan to view every NTPE as a teacher. If you do, you are going to get very smart, very quickly.

You can choose: Have not plan experiences or plan to have unplanned learning experiences that will make you more and more capable.

Go beyond planning for NTPEs: plan to learn from your NTPEs.

Motivational Moments, Copyright 2018, Nigel MacLennan, www.psyperform.com

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