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Unleash Your Students’ Potential

Welcome to the order page, where you can secure a heavy 50% discount as part of PsyPerform’s 2019 CSR programme. All three workshops priced at £1300 + VAT are available to you for only £650 + VAT.

By ordering you confirm that you understand:

All three workshops are delivered by Prof Nigel MacLennan.

The added value bonuses will be made available based on the date and time of your order, calculated from the digital sent time stamps on each.

That you can choose one, two or all three of the listed workshops for the same single payment, as long as they run back to back on the same day. For clarity, you understand that one workshop is the same delivery price as two or all three together.

The ultra-low workshop price is subject to VAT.

You will agree a date for the 1, 2, or 3 workshops within 7 days of ordering.

To minimise costs, the savings from which are passed on to you, the only mode of payment provided is PayPal.

Further information and any questions

To contact Prof Nigel MacLennan, click here. You may wish to agree a date for the workshop before ordering, or arrange to run only one or two of the three available.

Please provide the three workshops to unleash my students’ potential.

Refund policy. Once ordered you must select a date to receive the workshops within 7 days of ordering. To minimise administration costs, savings on which make this ultra-low price offer possible, there is a no refund policy in place. Once ordered the workshops will be delivered as contracted or the fee for the same is forfeited. Any change in the date of the workshop within 14 days of the scheduled delivery date will incur a 100% fee.
Privacy policy. At no time will your data be passed on to any other party, unless under court order, or legal requirement.
Legal Information. PsyPerform is a trading name of MacLennan Ltd.