Key PsyPerform Staff

Key PsyPerform Staff

Key PsyPerform Staff

Principal Consultant and Founder

Dr Nigel MacLennan

Key PsyPerform Staff: Nigel has been making, and publishing advances in Performance Psychology for decades, in multiple areas of the field: coaching psychology, culture and culture psychology, designing the Prof Nigel MacLennan B & Wcustomer service experience, communication and communications psychology, vision formation and implementation and vision psychology, strategy formation implementation and psychology, objective setting and objectives psychology, performance measurement and performance measurement psychology, performance recovery and performance recovery psychology, motivation and motivation psychology, recognition and recognition psychology, and many more.  Some of PsyPerform’s publications can be found here.

Nigel is a Chartered Psychologist, and holds a Degree in Psychology, a Diploma in Psychotherapy and a Doctorate in Leadership Coaching, and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

In a career spanning cutting-edge, blue-chip, business performance and academia, he has a long and successful track record of helping the leaders of national and multi-national companies to improve their performance, and of being a No 1 rated business professor. In his public service capacity he was a Director of the CMI.  Nigel’s charity work has included helping to turn around a failing school (successfully), and bringing performance psychology to disadvantaged groups in the form of transformational public speeches.

Typically, when Nigel coaches, around 71% of clients are promoted within 18 months of starting work with him. On a recent training contract for the Metropolitan Police, 86% of delegates were promoted within 12 months of starting the programme. When people apply PsyPerform techniques, as a rule, they achieve massively improved performance.

Most people do not believe what untapped performance is within them, or how quickly they can make massive performance improvements by applying PsyPerform’s performance psychology techniques. As such PsyPerform provides the first coaching session to any organisation at no cost. If you wish to receive a free performance psychology coaching session, you can contact PsyPerform here.

Dr MacLennan’s performance psychology work focusses on the 5Cs: Creating, Communicating, Coaching, Consulting and Contingency.

That means that his working life is dedicated to,

1. Creating performance psychology tools; solutions to leadership and performance problems.

2. Communicating those solutions through his books or other publications, seminars and workshops, or public speaking events.

3. Coaching CEOs, MDs, VPs/Directors/CXOs, Senior Managers to harness the performance enhancement techniques developed.

4. Consulting with large organisations to solve performance problems, and improve performance.

5. Contingency, where organisations have in place the metrics to measure outcomes Prof MacLennan prefers to deliver on a contingency basis (payment when results are delivered).

If you wish to harness performance psychology tools, not available elsewhere (and if you commission PsyPerform first, the original tools will not available to your direct competitors for 12 months) you may wish to contact PsyPerform, here.


Key PsyPerform Staff

Dr Alan Beggs

Key PsyPerform Staff:  W.D.Alan Beggs, BSc, PhD., C. Psychol., AFBPsS., OMAC.

Alan is a Chartered Psychologist with a real passion to make a difference to peoples’ performance. He is a founder member of the BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology, a member of the Association for ABCoaching and a founder member of the Centre for Applied Positive Psychology.

After reading psychology at Queens University, Belfast, he then had a long and distinguished research career at the University of Nottingham, one of  the top five psychology departments in the country, but has always maintained a focus on the practical use of psychological knowledge and skills.

For example, he spent fifteen years working as one of the first sport psychologists in the UK, and had a part to play in 25% of the medals which Britain took home from the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. And with a real knack of making the complex seem simple, he has been involved in management development for over twenty-five years, helping pioneer the movement to bring coaching to the workplaces of Britain.

As is a very experienced trainer and an accomplished business coach, he has worked with many blue chip clients, such as Barclays Bank, Price Waterhouse Coopers, DuPont, Bull Computers, and Gifford, and in the Public and Voluntary sectors, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, the Home Office, the NHS, the Police and a wide range of Local Authorities.

Dr Beggs has developed cutting-edge processes to help people build and sustain a self-assured, can-do mindset. “It is the possession of a robust sense of one’s positive personal qualities and strengths which underpins performance at the highest level, whatever the role and whatever the challenge.”

He has worked at every level in organisations whether in the private, public or voluntary sectors. The main areas of performance improvement over the past several years have been

  • Leadership, principally focusing on how transformational and inspiring leaders need the skills of both ‘being a leader’ and of coaching
  • Creating dynamic teams by helping to develop great team members as well as effective team processes
  • Helping people to thrive on stress, by becoming more resilient with the strengths and flexibility to give their best in challenging times
  • Using coaching as a management style to foster engagement at work
  • Helping people deal more effectively with personal challenges such as unemployment, long-term disability, the performance arts and examinations
  • Strategic consultancy with senior people in organisations undergoing major change initiatives
    Evaluating training initiatives
  • Developing an exciting new venture in schools to ensure a legacy from the 2012 Olympics
  • Designing numerous high-impact interventions for a number of providers of training, covering a wide range of topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Building Strengths, Effective Decision-making and Understanding Why Change is Hard
  • As a thought leader, delivering conference papers and Masterclasses for his peers in the Association for Business Psychology and the British Psychological Association, as well as for wider audiences such as the CIPD.

Alan is also a prolific writer, with a very accessible writing style. One of his books, translated into three languages, is now used by medal-winning Olympic dinghy sailors in several countries, including Great Britain. It gives very practical tips on how to prepare mentally and physically for competition at the highest level. He is currently writing two further books. One is about well-being, engagement and mental fitness; the other, very practical one is aimed at helping school-age children who are facing daunting examination challenges.

If you wish to harness performance psychology tools, not available elsewhere (and if you commission PsyPerform first, the original tools will not available to your direct competitors for 12 months) you may wish to contact PsyPerform, here.