Meeting Mastery

Meeting Mastery

If you have ever wondered why some leaders get promotion after promotion, all the way to the top, this illustrated podcast reveals one of their advanced skills.

Previously, if you were not lucky enough to work with such a leader, you had to suffer horrendously mismanaged meetings throughout your career. You may have long painful memories of life-sapping bore-fests. Your meeting hell memories are probably being topped up on a regular, scream, basis.

Now, Meeting Hell or Meeting Heaven is YOUR choice.

If you develop meeting mastery you can improve the productivity of any meeting, even those you don’t chair. Instead of suffering in silence, you can take skilled action to get results.

What will you do? Learn about Meeting Mastery Certification? Or continue experiencing meeting hell, all the time knowing you could have developed the art of meeting leadership?

All leaders who complete Meeting Mastery Certification receive a copy of the book:

Meeting Mastery Book Cover

Will that be you?

Or is (?) Meeting Hell going to be a life-time penance?

Your choice.