Key PsyPerform Staff

Key PsyPerform Staff

PsyPerform Staff

Dr Nigel MacLennan

PsyPerform Staff: Nigel has been making, and publishing tools to create improvements in leadership performance for decades, in multiple areas of the field: coaching, culture, designing the Prof Nigel MacLennan B & Wcustomer service experience, communications, vision formation and implementation, strategy formation implementation, objective setting and objectives, performance measurement and performance measurement, performance recovery, motivation, recognition, and many more.  Some of PsyPerform’s publications can be found here.

In a career spanning cutting-edge, blue-chip, business performance and academia, he has a long and successful track record of helping the leaders of national and multi-national companies to improve their performance, and of being a No 1 rated business professor. In his public service capacity he was the Director of the CMI who led the introduction of best practice corporate governance that resulted in Chartered Status being awarded.  Nigel’s charity work has included helping to turn around a failing school (successfully), and bringing performance coaching to disadvantaged people in the form of transformational public speeches.

Typically, when Nigel coaches, around 71% of clients are promoted within 18 months of starting work with him. On a recent training contract for the Metropolitan Police, 86% of delegates were promoted within 12 months of starting the programme. When people apply PsyPerform techniques, as a rule, they achieve massively improved performance, and are promoted, or take on greater responsibility.

Most people do not believe what untapped performance is within them, or how quickly they can make massive performance improvements by applying PsyPerform’s leadership enhancement techniques. To demonstrate the massive untapped value that can be added using Psyperform techniques, the first coaching session for any new client organisation is provided at no cost. If you wish to make massive improvements from a free leadership coaching session, you can contact PsyPerform here.

Dr MacLennan’s performance coaching work focuses on the 5Cs:

Creating, Communicating, Coaching, Consulting and Contingency.

That means that his working life is dedicated to,

1. Creating performance coaching tools; solutions to leadership and performance problems.

2. Communicating those solutions through his books or other publications, seminars and workshops, or public speaking events.

3. Coaching CEOs, MDs, VPs/Directors/CXOs, Senior Managers to harness the performance enhancement techniques developed.

4. Consulting with large organisations to solve performance problems, and improve performance.

5. Contingency, where organisations have in place the metrics to measure outcomes Nigel MacLennan prefers to deliver on a contingency basis (payment when results are delivered).

If you wish to harness leadership enhancement tools, not available elsewhere (and if you commission PsyPerform first, the original tools will not available to your direct competitors for 12 months) you may wish to contact PsyPerform, here.