Monthly Archives: August 2021

Basket-case boards

Basket-case boards: you probably know many on the long list of organisations that have failed, or found themselves at the centre of scandal, because, in part, they appeared to have “basket-case boards.” Here are just a few “problemed organisations” from the private and the charity sector: Enron, Arthur Anderson, Woolworth, Blockbuster, Borders, Oxfam, Save the […]

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Coachable or uncoachable?

Coachable or uncoachable? Are some people coachable and others uncoachable? Does the same apply to organisations? Since I published “Coaching and Mentoring,” Gower, in 1995, almost every manager has heard of coaching. Many have been trained, to various levels, in the techniques of coaching. If you have any experience of coaching, you will have noticed […]

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