Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching Results: More than 71% of leaders PsyPerform coaches are promoted, or take on bigger leadership roles within 18 months of starting their coaching programme. Why? How? By focusing on performance psychology and adding massive value.

Not all leaders require a full programme of leadership coaching. Many need development in only a handful of areas.

How do you identify the areas of your development need?

PsyPerform have developed a tool (Top Leadership Skill Need Analysis – TLSNA) that you can use to determine which skills you need to develop. Once you have completed the TLSNA you will know which skills you will benefit from developing.

As you can see from the coaching philosophy section (below) we will only work with you on areas that will make a substantial contribution to your company’s profit while you are developing.

Contact us to explore how to achieve your objectives on a guaranteed results basis.

Become the leader you know you could be.

PsyPerform Coaching Philosophy

  • We only accept payment for outstanding results.
  • You only pay if you believe or have measured that we have delivered a ROI of 10. That is, a 1000% return. In other words, PsyPerform delivers 10 units of value, minimum, you pay us only 1.
  • PsyPerform coaching and development is a double win. That is, you achieve hard-nosed business improvements AND develop your leadership, management or professional skills, at the same time.
  • PsyPerform coaching is completely confidential. That is, you can talk about what we did for you, but we will never discuss what we achieved for you, unless you give us permission to do so.
  • We prefer you to measure our coaching performance, but we appreciate that not all companies have the necessary metrics in place.
  • Guarantees apply where metrics are in place.

If double benefit coaching, achieving improved results and enhancing your leadership skills, and, a guaranteed ROI of 10, all appeal to you and your company, contact us for a free exploratory coaching session by completing the form below.

Coaching Media

You can choose whether to benefit from PsyPerform coaching in several ways.

1:1 – Face:Face

By Skype

By Telephone

By Email.

Please note, the known effectiveness of coaching is listed in order above. That is, 1:1 coaching is most effective, and email is least effective. The reasons for the differential effectiveness relate to the reduction in communication quality.

If you wish coaching in a form other than 1:1, please be aware that exceptional communication skills are required to get the best results.

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