Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

In public speaking there are, broadly, four categories of speaker.

1. The Clown/Comedian. The clown will tell entertaining jokes and stories, will create much laughter and entertainment. People will leave the room feeling good for a while before normal service is resummed.

2. The Motivational Speaker. The motivational speaker will use an array of “rah-rah” techniques to get people “hyped-up,” and everyone will leave the room enthused. As you know from your own experience, that enthusiasm passes rapidly, and is quickly replaced with a sense of deflation, followed by a resumption of the status quo.

3. The Information Speaker. The information speaker provides information that is assumed to be useful. Again, as you know from your experience, nearly everything shared in such information speeches is forgotten by the next morning, and is a vague memory a week later.

4. The Transformational Speaker. The transformational speaker uses an array of advanced psychological techniques to take the audience to the point of wanting to change their behaviour, and then to embedding those changes, so they are enacted from that point onwards, and for many years later.

Most people prefer the clown and the motivational speaker, but, alas, other than short-term thrills, produce no lasting results. The happy sheets confirm the preferences and the bottom line confirms the lack of results.

Effective leaders know that only transformational speakers deliver lasting value. If you want a transformational event, that produces lasting changes in behaviour, and thus performance, PsyPerform can deliver. You may wish PsyPerform to organise and deliver the entire event, or, just the transformational speech, or to coach you or a member of your team to make your/their event transformational.

Whatever specific approach you want to take, if you want transformation in behaviour and results contact PsyPerform.