Leadership Performance Consulting

Leadership Performance Consulting

Leadership Performance Consulting

Your results depend on the performance of your staff, both individually and collectively. Great staff performance always comes from great leadership. Great leadership always comes from the best possible understanding of performance.That often comes from techniques learned during Leadership Performance Consulting.
Dr Nigel MacLennan specialises in leadership coaching, based on the cutting-edge leadership performance enhancement techniques he has developed. If you want access to cutting-edge techniques, that your competitors do not have, and you want to shut them out, here is how you can do it.

Giving you more competitive advantage for longer

Dr Nigel MacLennan’s techniques are only made available to one company per sector per year. That is, if you commission MacLennan to improve your results, none of your direct competitors will be able to access our cutting-edge services for 12 months. The original performance enhancement techniques developed by Nigel MacLennan can only be accessed via performance consulting, or leadership coaching. If you commission those methods your competitors cannot get access to the techniques for 12 months.
Contrast that to others, who will gladly serve you on Monday and equip your main competitors with the same techniques on Tuesday, and your other competitors on Wednesday, thus taking away your advantage by Thursday. Nigel MacLennan considers that to be less than ethical, and you may do, too. If so, you will love what comes next.

Payment by results

Yes, you read correctly, if you have the metrics in place, or, are willing to put them in place, to assess how much value Nigel MacLennan has added, you can have a guarantee of commissioned outcomes.
Contrast that to other approaches. You will have seen this approach: they will take your watch, tell you the time, charge you for telling, and then claim that it is up to you what you do with that time information.
You will have seen this approach, too. They will charge you per day, or per hour, claiming that they, too, have overheads that have to be covered.
Two unethical behaviours then emerge:
1. You are sure the job is being spun-out to increase revenue, at your expense.
2. You pay for the passage of time, regardless of outcomes, that is, the firm has the opposite interest to yours. 
Nigel MacLennan considers that unethical, in the extreme, and, takes a different approach. If you have in place the necessary metrics, or are prepared to put them in place before we start delivering for you, you can have a guarantee of commissioned outcomes.
Caution! You should be aware that if you adopt the payment only for results approach that there will be self-serving resistance from some of your senior colleagues: “What if the CEO gets the idea that everyone should only be paid for delivering results?”
Audio version of The Perfect CultureOf course, if you want to create a results culture, there can be few stronger signals to send.
Do you want to create a results culture? Do you want to increase the odds of achieving your objectives because those who help you have the same agenda as you? If so, Nigel MacLennan’s approach delivers.
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