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Culture Management – How to manage culture, successfully

Culture Management –

How to manage culture, successfully

Experience has probably taught you that between 70% and 85% of ALL culture change programmes fail, and fail expensively. Yet some leaders have a 100% success record. All of their culture change programmes work, and work every time.

How? Why? How can they possibly achieve that level of success when most, the overwhelming majority of culture change programmes not only fail so dismally, but actually harm the companies they were supposed to help? One phrase: culture management.

To make any organisation or culture change project work, you must understand culture, and, how to manage it. You need a firm, practical grasp of Culture Management. Leaders who have that grasp succeed in their leadership and culture change projects; those who have no, or limited understanding usually fail.

What are the culture leaders doing right? What are they doing that is different? How can you do it, too?

Firstly, they really understand human nature.

They know why people resist culture change. They know how to get people who would normally resist culture change under other leadership, to embrace, and even champion culture change.

That knowledge is powerful, but on its own NOT powerful enough. Knowledge of the human condition is useless unless it is coupled with understanding of the circumstances in which those human characteristics work.

Effective culture leaders interpret the human condition through their accurate, and, detailed knowledge of circumstance.

Of course, again, as you will no doubt have seen, most leaders claim to have that coupling. However, the sad reality is that most DO NOT, as is evidenced by the fact that nearly ALL culture change programmes fail.

So, what more is required?

What does it take to master Culture Management? What is the first step in mastery of any skill?

Knowing what the skill can achieve, coupled with a desire for those ends. That seems a blindingly obvious and completely redundant statement. Isn’t it? For most skills it would be, but with Culture Management it is completely necessary.

Why? Ask a 100 managers what ‘culture’ is and what managing it can achieve and you’ll get 300 different answers or more.

The world’s best leaders truly understand culture and how to manage it.

To get to that point requires a tried and tested sequence of steps.

Observational awareness is the first.

The second is an understanding of the way the phenomenon called ‘culture’ behaves. It has predictable patterns. Learning what those patterns are is vital to understanding culture in full.

Step number three is being able to define ‘culture’ in a way that works in the real world. Again, ask a thousand managers to define culture, and unless they already understand Culture Management, you’ll get at least a thousand different definitions.

As a well-educated person, you know that how you define something shapes how you see it, and, thus how you treat it.

 The Perfect CultureThere is only one definition of
Culture Management
that opens the gates
to understanding culture.

That definition is contained in

The Perfect Culture:
The Art of Culture Management.’

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Even a definition that provides crystal clarity is not enough to master the art of Culture Management. There must be more. What more?

Knowledge of what it takes to make any culture management or

culture change work in nearly any circumstances.

What?!” the skeptics shout, “You can’t possibly know what can make culture management or culture change work in any circumstances! It’s way too complex!”

Yes, that does seem unlikely, until you remember that all things seem complicated until we understand the simple principles behind the apparent complexity.

Culture change is just the same: what was once complicated and beyond reach, becomes simple to understand and much easier to manage with full awareness of the underlying principles. Even more encouragingly, there are only a handful of key principles you must apply to manage your culture to achieve what you could achieve. Once you understand culture management you will have the tools that you need to  you will need to turn complexity into understanding, turn understanding in to action, turn action into results.

Acquiring an understanding of the elements of Culture Management is essential. If you are leading an organisation, or even a department, you MUST understand how culture works.

Understanding culture, being able to define it are all very well, but understanding without the ability to act are useless. So what’s next?A simple and effective model to enable you to manage culture.

When you understand the Culture Management Model you can conceptually take control of your organisations’ culture. And when you underpin the Culture Management Model with the principles required to make it work, you have the ability to control, change, or manage cultures.

Once you understand Culture Management, as is the case with all powerful tools, those who have acquired and used them, can’t imagine working without them.

Getting to this point is the just the start. Being able to apply the principles, being able to harness your full understanding of Culture Management takes time and practice – just like every other skill.

How long does it take to master Culture Management?

A lifetime.

How long does it take to understand the principles and the model? For experienced leaders, it takes the duration of one PsyPerform coaching session. For less experienced leaders it can take up to three coaching sessions (normally to put in place the foundations necessary to reach an understanding of the principles of culture). Whatever time it takes, the same end point is achieved: You know how to

Manage your business culture
so that
your culture manages your business

Read that sentence again; many people miss its impact on first reading.

It is possible to learn how to manage your organisational culture so that your organisational culture manages your business.

That is the quantum leap in performance that the top leaders have taken, and that YOU can take as well.

Top Leaders manage their corporate culture
so their culture manages their corporation

Imagine understanding corporate culture so well that you can get your business to do whatever you want it to do!

Imagine what could you achieve if you could create the culture you want? You probably have a very clear idea of what your organisation COULD be achieving. If you can harness the untapped power of culture managment, ‘could’ becomes reality. 

Would you like to be able to manage your corporate culture easily and quickly to achieve at a higher level? Do you want to lead at the highest levels? If so, you may wish to consider learning the art of culture management.

Contact PsyPerform to master culture management and achieve the results that you know are possible.

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