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Internal Communication

Solve your biggest and
most expensive problem

Around 80% of ALL your problems have one cause.

That’s 4 out of every 5 problems you will deal with
today, tomorrow, and forever,
unless you act.

What is it and how do you cut the massive costs it incurs?

By Prof Nigel MacLennan

 Just how large, pervasive and expensive is your biggest problem?

Here are two clues.

1. As a leader, what do you spend 85 to 95% of your working life doing?


2. How often have you been one of the many to participate, collectively, in the ritual hand-wringing-lament about the latest unfortunate consequences of ‘communication around here’?

Internal Communication is both your major activity and your biggest hidden overhead. And it is costing you a fortune, every second of every day.

Nearly all of your problem solving time is taken up by preventable, internal communication problems.

In other words, you could free up the majority of your time if you could slay the internal communication monster.

Yes, monster. A dragon, to be specific. It flames and devours companies every day. It is feasting on your company now!

It gorges on hundreds of billions of pounds, dollars, euros and yen every year!

Take that tasty Hubble telescope meal it enjoyed. Hundreds of millions of dollars were char-grilled and scoffed in less than a second.


When the parabolic mirror was launched, it was…well…less than parabolic.


One amazingly simple, but critical piece of information, was not communicated.

A single fact, which would have taken half a second to communicate, provided the feast: Units of measurement. Yum!

Europeans operate on the metric system. Americans operate on the imperial system. You can predict the rest. A key measurement was given in the metric system and read as being imperial…

That’s one pathetic “Oops, sorry!” for the offending souls, and one giant meal for dragon-kind.

Eoorrres like Hubble can happen so easily, so invisibly, and unless your staff are properly trained, so inevitably, and, so very, very, expensively.

What’s the most expensive communication problem that you’ve seen?

What were the farcical financial consequences?

Most of us have seen them so often that you’ll probably have far too many to choose from.

Here is one that you’ll recognise:

“I thought you meant…‘A’.”

“No, I meant…‘a’.”


And another:

“But you said it had to be with the client at 6.”

“Yes, I did. 6.00 A-M!”


Another expensive ‘Oops’, another lost client, another satiated dragon.

That’s just two of the well-known communication errors; there are many, many more. Just knowing them will help you cut the massive costs of internal communication mistakes. What causes the problems? Lack of understanding of Internal Communications!

The longer you and your staff go without solving the problem the more it is costing you.

And the costs are compounded:

The money you could have saved by preventing today’s internal communication horrors errors, can’t be used to invest in lucrative projects tomorrow.

Today’s and tomorrow’s savings can’t be constructively reinvested the day after, and on and on and…

No doubt you can see the expensive and ever growing, compound picture!

The communication dragons are growing fat, at your expense.

If you learn the principles of effective communication management, if you understand internal communications you can save your company a fortune.

How much is poor internal communication costing you?

The cost accelerates at an alarming rate as the number of people in an organisation increases.

So, the bigger your organisation is, the more poor internal communication is costing you as a percentage of your turnover.

On the upside, the bigger your organisation the more you can save by slaying your communication dragon.

That means that the larger your company the faster, and bigger your ROI will be from coaching in internal communications to address the problem.

How big is the internal communication dragon in your company, right now?

Big enough to double or treble your profits, IF, you slay it!

The Opportunity

The Perfect Communicator Book CoverImagine what you could achieve in your market place if your dragon was cut down to mere gecko size, and your competitors still had their resident ogre gorging on their company?

How much is that worth to you? By gaining the understanding of internal communications, of communication management you will be on the path to stealing a march on the people who, could soon be your ex-competitors!

What would you do with all the money that was saved by minimising internal communication problems?

What could you achieve with all that recovered, formerly wasted extra labour time that could soon be at your disposal?

(The Perfect Communicator is only available to coaching clients.)


How not to slay the internal communication dragon

One way that many companies try to solve their internal communication problems is to appoint a Communications Manager.

That sounds like a good idea: if you have a problem, put someone in charge of solving it, right?

Usually, yes.

In this case, absolutely not.

Sadly, it usually means that instead of individual managers taking responsibility for their own communication they expect the Communications Manager to do it all.

When that doesn’t work (as it never can or could) the Communications Manager gets all the blame and only a brief chat with security as they are escorted to the door.

There is one company in the Midlands (UK) that has had three communications managers in the last 18 months for exactly this reason. Believe it or not they are about to appoint a fourth!

Please don’t try that in your corporate home, folks.

The recruitment costs alone run into many tens of thousands of pounds.

How TO slay the internal communication dragon

The leaders (that‘s you) of your company MUST understand what causes communication errors, must understand Internal Communications, AND you MUST have a tried and tested system to minimise communication problems.

Where the dragons feed

If you and your staff knew where internal communication errors came from, you could cut their occurrence, dramatically, and that’s before Dr Nigel MacLennan even shares the solution methods.

Internal Communication

Once you understand the techniques of Internal Communication you will wish you had it years earlier.

If you wish to solve your biggest hidden problem contact Dr Nigel MacLennan.