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What sex can teach us about corporate vision

What sex can teach us about corporate vision

Time to get hot under the collar.
How focused are you when you are… (this is a family show, folks)… sexually motivated?
The Perfect Vision Book CoverPerhaps like this: you know what you want, and are prepared to invest heavily in time and effort to get it. When obstacles are in your path, you find a way around them. When you tire, you rest and commence from where you took time off. Your desired person IS your focus. You will willingly change your behaviour in nearly any way necessary to achieve your desired end. You will seek to make life as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for your planned lover.
Now compare that to the level of motivation observed in the average employee.
Do you witness high levels of initiative as solutions to obstacles and barriers are generated and implemented? Huh… No.
Do you witness relentless determination? Ehm… that would be a no.
Do you witness changes in behaviour as required? Hmmm… No.
Do you observe customer focus that is indistinguishable from that of driven seductor? That would be a No, too.
Would you agree that if you could harness the power and drive of an intending lover that performance would be markedly improved?
That is the power that an inspirational corporate vision can bring.
Most companies do not have such a vision, and accordingly, it is little surprise that passions are… a little limp.
Why? Most CEOs simply do not know how to craft a successful vision. If they did… things would “hot up.”

Crafting an inspirational corporate vision can be done in several stages.

1. The CEO learns what a great vision looks and sounds like.
2. The CEO understands the characteristics of a great vision.
3. The CEO learns the stages required to craft an inspirational vision.
4. The CEO knows how to test whether a potential vision is fit for purpose.
5. The CEO is able to fine-tune a nearly right vision.
6. The CEO learns how to make a vision part of the DNA of their company.
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Prof Nigel MacLennan
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