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Motivation models don’t motivate

Motivation models don’t motivate!

Motivation models don’t motivate. Business schools all over the world teach motivation models that simply don’t work in the real world. Yes, some elements work for some people, in the hands of some people, some of the time.
If you are a manager or leader, some, some, some and some is nowhere near enough! What you need are models that fit this bill: every element works for every person every time. What will help is not saying ‘motivation models don’t motivate,’ but discovering approaches that are consistently and reliably effective.
In my leadership coaching work, studying what made the difference between leaders and managers who could inspire and motivate all their staff, and those who, at best could only enthuse a few, I gradually realised that the best don’t use the standard models.
That is no surprise, since exceptional performers rarely use standard approaches. Neither is it a surprise that the best leaders, in terms of motivational effectiveness, found it hard to articulate quite what it was they were doing to achieve superior motivation results: top performers in almost all fields have been so unconsciously competent so long, that they can rarely remember the clumsy mechanical steps that they started with.
That strikes a stark contrast with the common or garden manager, who still knows about the standard theories of motivation, but has long since abandoned using them, on the grounds that they don’t work in the real world.
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