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Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation are much talked about, and much talked about, and much talked about… and little acted upon.
You already know that almost all companies fail from lack of creativity and innovation. Yes, the official records will show that the company encountered “financial difficulties”. Financial difficulties are almost always the symptom that is mistaken for the cause. The actual cause is almost always lack of creativity and innovation. Verify that for yourself. Take any list of large failed companies, do some digging and you will find lack of innovation. Or you will find that being unresponsive in the face of innovation from elsewhere, was the actual cause of failure. “Some examples!” you may reasonably demand. OK.
MFI: Ikea entered the market. You could pick up your chosen products right there and then. MFI continued with their 6 weeks delivery policy. Result? Game over.
Comet: Amazon entered the domestic electronic goods market with no store overheads to pay, and an incredible customer service ethos, and probably one of the best logistics and delivery systems ever created. Comet continued as before. Result? Game over.
Woolworth: The high streets all over the world became more and more specialised. In this case the innovation competition came from just about every high street store you can mention. Woolworth continued as before. Result? Game over.
Let’s make the formula for future failing companies entirely clear.
Company X. Company Y enters the market place with one or more innovations that provide a compelling customer offer. Company X fails to respond with a more compelling offer. Or, more usually, fails to respond at all. Company X has failed to innovate since their original founding offer. Result? Game over. And one caveat: forward wind several years and Company Y goes down. Why? It fails to innovate beyond its original founding offer. Result? Game over.

psyperform-logo-colored7Creativity and Innovation are now systematic and reliable

Coming up with ideas to dominate a market place is not difficult. Any company with state-of-the-art techniques can now do it. In fact, idea generation is now systematic and reliable. No? You don’t believe that? Then contact Dr Nigel MacLennan for a demonstration. You can see a live demonstration on the 22nd of November 2017, in London. Contact for details
Event summary
22 November Creativity and Innovation 

Why are some people hugely creative and others describe themselves as “un-creative”?  What accounts for the difference? What is this thing called creativity? What is the difference between creativity and innovation? Would you like to be able to generate as many ideas as you wish, on demand, in real time? Professor Nigel MacLennan has developed a method to generate ideas systematically and reliably and offers a live demonstration at this talk.