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“Prof Mac’s Motivational Moments”

If your future is dependent on your level of motivation? This is for you.

Purpose “possibilises” progress! 

You may have heard the phrase, “without purpose people perish.” It’s true.

Long before they perish this happens: without purpose people piddle away their time.

Time is the only thing we have that cannot be replaced and is equally distributed. You and I have, everyone has 24 hours in the day.

How you use that time will determine your future success, or otherwise.

No purpose? No progress! …and plenty of time piddling.

If you don’t have a goal, an awesome purpose, then your goal must be (if you want to make the best of your time) to find a goal that you can commit to. Otherwise your most precious asset will be piddled away.

Purpose “possibilises” progress!

PS. Example –

Purpose: to improve the effectiveness of communication.

Progress? The creation of the word ‘possibilises’.

Motivational Moments, Copyright 2018, Nigel MacLennan, www.psyperform.com