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“Prof Mac’s Motivational Moments”

You are uniquely gifted! 

“I wish!” is how many people respond to that assertion. 

Should such an apparently Pollyanna statement be dismissed as motivational drivel or does it have at least some truth? 

How many people have your precise experiences?

At best, a few.

How many of them have your skills? Your knowledge? 

An even smaller number.

How many of that tiny number have your values? Your passions? 

A minuscule number. 

How many of those have your natural aptitudes? 

Almost none. 

Almost certainly one: you! 

There are challenges that YOU are uniquely capable of overcoming.  There are things YOU can do for others that no one else in the world can do as well as you.

If you accept that you are unique, then it follows that you are uniquely gifted. 

You can benefit from your uniqueness, if you first take the time to uncover what it is. 

Then embrace it, develop it, build on it. 

You ARE uniquely gifted! You can contribute, you can add value, in ways no one else can.

Find it! Do it! You are uniquely gifted! 

Motivational Moments, Copyright 2018, Nigel MacLennan, www.psyperform.com