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Self-responsibility Therapy

Self-responsibility therapy – what is it? Why does it matter to you, as a leader?

Why, despite the fact that there are more than 1000 different psychotherapies and counselling schools, do they all achieve the same results? If they were as different as they claim, you would expect wildly varying outcomes. Instead, you find that they are all around 30% effective (including those currently advocated by NICE). What accounts for that uniformity of results coming from such different methods? 

What the various schools say, in theory, is very different.

What they do, in practice, is almost identical.

What makes them nearly identical? 

Unknowingly, they follow and deliver nine common factors. What does that mean? If you were to make up a therapy (as hundreds of therapists have, and hundreds more will), as long as your therapy delivers the nine common factors, it will be at least as effective as all the others. 

selfresponsibilitytherapy.comTwo of the nine common factors in

Self-Responsibility Therapy stand out.

Here is one:

Everything you do in therapy is wasted until you reach one point.

From then on just about anything you do works.

What is that one point?

The point of self-responsibility.

It is one thing to know that your staff, friends, family members or colleagues must reach the point of self-responsibility, it is quite another to know how to take them to the point of self-responsibility. 

Professor Nigel MacLennan,  based on his latest book, ‘SRT: Self-responsibility Therapy’ will show you the nine common factors, and, how to take people to the point of self-responsibility.

If you provide counselling or psychotherapy as part of your role, (as leader you probably call it coaching), or you want to stay up-to-date with the latest developments of advanced performance coaching, SRT will give you techniques that are ground breaking.

If you wish to receive information about SRT, and how you can use it to solve leadership and other work place problems, please contact me here.