Every great company has been built on at least one innovation; usually on a chain of successful creations. Such companies grow to a huge scale on the back of their founder’s creations.

Then what happens?

Alas, it is, oh, so predictable. The innovators, the creators who founded and built the company, sell, retire, or take up residence with Mr Grim Reaper, and the slow, inevitable decline takes place. Why? What makes it inevitable? Several factors are at play.

Rarely are world-class creators replaced with other world-class creators when they stand down or sell. Almost always they are replaced by top-class professional managers. Skilled as the replacements are at managing the status quo, they are almost never world-class creators. Having spent so much time becoming such skilled managers, they know little about how to CREATE!

As the famous phrase goes, a fish rots from the head. When the new leaders have limited understanding of innovation and creation their companies soon follow suit, however well manged they are. And that starts their inevitable decline.

Yet, some (very few) companies HAVE continued to be innovative long after their creative founders have gone. How? Why?

Because the founders understood the above, and set up systems, processes, procedures and a culture that made innovation a near inevitability. They made it highly probable that their company would continue to CREATE!

Gradual decline after an innovative founder leaves a creative business is NOT inevitable, IF, and only IF the right steps are taken.

What are those steps? How do you shape a company into a creative powerhouse? How can you get staff to generate vast numbers of ideas, systematically, and reliably, in real time, on demand?

All is revealed in CREATE!

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If you want to turn on your company’s creative taps, if you want to fill your innovation pipeline, you can. We now know how to get any normal adult to generate vast numbers of commercially relevant ideas systematically and reliably, in real time, on demand.

The techniques are available in CREATE! and, as you may know, our cutting-edge tools are made available only to clients of Psyperform.

Here are two questions to give you an indication of whether CREATE! can help you:

1.      Do you have an idea management system?

2.      How many ideas are in its pipeline?

If you would like to receive a FREE sample of the first section of CREATE! by PDF, you can ask for it by sending a message via the contact page on

If you want to create an idea management system that will generate vast numbers of commercially relevant ideas, systematically, and reliably in real-time, on demand, contact to find out how.

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