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Call time on L and D waste!

Call time on L and D waste

82%* of leaders say that their organisation does not have the talent to realise their strategy.

If you can’t get the talent you need, here’s why: your HR/L and D department.

They didn’t deliver last year, they didn’t deliver the year before; it’s time to accept that they will never deliver. Why? They get paid whether they deliver or not.

If you are one of the 18% of leaders who does have the talent pool to deliver your strategy, you have a great HR/L and D department, and in the main such people are a joy to work with! However, this article is aimed at the 82%.


How much is it costing your organisation to not get the leadership talent that you need? In other words, how much are you paying to NOT get what you are paying for? How much is it costing you not to call time on L and D waste?

How can you calculate that figure?

Take the value of the performance improvement achieved (typical HR/L and D departments cannot provide that figure- one wonders why), and divide that by all the HR/L&D salaries, plus all overheads et cetera.

Or, if you want a really simple measure, take the number of effective leaders the L&D department provides each year, if any, and divide that by all the HR/L&D salaries, plus all overheads et cetera.

Have you done it?

If those figures shock you, and they should, you will know for sure what most observers have long since concluded: most L&D departments (over 80%) are a complete waste of money.

Yes, they provide lots of training days (in your calculations, did you remember to add the value of the total number of lost days of productivity?).

Yes, lots of happy sheet boxes were ticked showing that delegates were happy (having X days off work).

Yes, lots of noise and activity took place.

But the one thing you paid for, the one thing you wanted, didn’t happen: performance improvement.

Are you in an elite minority?

You may be one of the tiny percentage of CEOs who is happy with their HR/L&D department; who has a great HR/L&D department that delivers time after time. If so, congratulations; you are in an elite minority.

If not, today is the day to call time on L and D waste.

How to call time on L and D waste

Here’s how. Get rid of your L&D department and pay only for results. How? Psyperform will develop your talent, and… wait for it… you will only pay when you agree that the performance of your people has improved. Yes, you read correctly; it is now possible to get performance improvement first, and pay for it later. It is now possible to get the performance improvement that you want and pay only when it is delivered.

Contact Psyperform to discuss your talent development objectives, only if you are serious enough to call time on L and D waste.


*Sources of data are shares with clients.